Jeju Semiconductor has strengthened its technological capabilities and secured worldwide technical competitiveness through the advance development of future core technologies.
Jeju semiconductor research and development organization consists of the best experts in the semiconductor field as more than 80% have over 10 years history. Since founding we have consistently worked on expanding our research and development human resources and concentrating R & D investment, we have been working on low voltage operation technology, packaging technology for high density packaging, noise reduction technology accompanying high speed, etc. Based on the world's leading mobile set makers and memory makers, we have recognized our technical capabilities.

R & D Achievements

Main Fields of Research Development Year Remarks
4M SRAM 2000 ~ 2002 Development Started
1M,2M,8M SRAM 2003 Development and Mass Production Start
16M Pseudo SRAM 2003 Development
16M Pseudo SRAM 2004 Start mass Production
16M Pseudo SDRAM 2005 Development and Mass Production Start
32M LP SDRAM 2006 Development
32M CRAM 1.5 2008 Development Completed
For Mobile use 128M LP DDR DRAM 2008 Development Completed
32M CRAM 1.5 2008 Mass Production
16M CRAM 1.5 2008 Development Completed
16M CRAM 1.5 2009 Mass Production
64M CRAM 1.5 2009 Development Completed
64M CRAM 1.5 2009 Mass Production
For Mobile use 128M LP DDR DRAM 2009 Mass Production
64M CRAM 2.0 2010 Mass Production
SPI 64M Nor Flash 2011 Development Progress
64M CRAM 2011 Development Progress
64M CRAM 2012 Mass Production
256M LPDDR1 2013 Mass Production
NAND MCP 2013 Mass Production
4M SPI NOR Flash 2014 Mass Production
512M LPDDR1 2014 Mass Production
2G LPDDR2 2014 Development
1G LPDDR1 2014 Mass Production
128M T2M 2015 Mass Production
64M OctaRAM 2015 Development
64M T2M 2016 Development
2G LPDDR2 2016 Mass Production
128M OctaRAM 2016.01 Development
U2RAM 2017 Development
64M OctaRAM 2017 Mass Production
128M OctaRAM 2018 Mass Production
512M LPDDR2 2018 Development
1G LPDDR2 2019 Development
512Mb/1Gb LPDDR2 2020 Mass Production
1Gb LPDDR4 & 8Gb DDR4 2021 Development

R & D Goals
- Development of Next Generation Ultra Low Power Circuit and Architecturing Method
- Development of High Speed Low Power Operation in Parallel
- Development of Robust Equipment for System Environment Variable Factor and Element Process Change
- Testability to Ensure High Mass Productivity and High Reliability of Products
- Arrangement for Securing Product Competitiveness and Layout Research
- Securing Design Technology with High Efficiency for Multi-product Small Volume Production
- Design of Products with Efficiency Optimized for Consignment Processing Production and Research on Production Technology
- Future Memory Development of Circuit Design Method

Current status of industrial property rights

Classification National Patent Overseas Patent
Registered Patent 17 cases 1 cases
Patent Application 26 cases 4 cases