Professional ethical to comply with basic order

To distinguish construction while performing work is a basic stance as a professional. When conducting business according to regulations and procedures, the integrity of the work is expected and unethical behavior can be prevented.

Challenging to be able to proceed towards an entering and creative future

Today's corporate management is exposed to infinite competition. There was also a time when the accumulated experience was the source of competitiveness, but in the digital age like the present age, not trying to fit the frame, trying to exploit a new field with a creative idea in the middle of the change Challenge spirit is an important element of success. A progressive and creative person who knows to challenge towards the future without living in the given environment is a human resources image that the Jeju semiconductor needs soon.

Global businessmen

Jeju Semiconductor, aiming to become a global memory semiconductor company, competes in the world market beyond the domestic market. Human resources with understanding of global business environment and international insight! Only those who can smoothly acquire foreign language skills and information collection / analysis in the global market can compete in the global market.

A humble person and a gentleman with awareness of the owner

Members of Jeju Semiconductor constantly humbly do their best for the bars they were responsible for. Modestly about the accomplishments that I accomplished, I do not pack it exaggeratedly, I create trust among the semiconductor family of Jeju by having everything as a responsibility that I am the master of the Jeju semiconductor.

Value creative for customers

The attitude for customer impression is the person who knows the true corporate spirit. Jeju Semiconductor has the best value to pursue by seeing who my customers are, what customers want to do, reflecting this in corporate management, and realizing customer impression. Employees of Jeju Semiconductor will exert their roles and responsibilities as mutual respected corporate members with humanism and compassion to realize the value of these customers' emotions.

Recruit Info

The recuitment process is under way.

   당사는 제19기 정기주주총회에서 주주님들이 원활한 의결권 행사를 할 수 있도록 미래에셋대우를 통한 전자투표/위임장 제도를 채택 및 실시하고 있습니다. 본 제도는 주주가 직접 주주총회에 참석하지 않고도 공인인증서를 이용하여 온라인 시스템에서 찬반 투표 및 의결권을 행사하는 제도입니다.

   본 제도를 통하여 주주님들의 소중한 의결권을 행사하여 주시면 주주 본인의 권익 보호는 물론, 회사가 주주총회를 개최할 수 있는 의결정족수를 충족시킬 수 있으며, 이는 이후 회사가 사업을 진행하는 것에 큰 도움이 될 것입니다.

   관련하여 전자투표/위임장 이용 방법을 안내 드리오니 아래 내용 참조하시어 많은 참여 부탁드립니다.

**전자 투표 관련 안내
● 홈페이지 :
● 미래에셋대우 플랫폼 V 이용가이드 :
  1. 전자투표 행사전자위임장 수여기간:2019년 3월 15일 ~ 2019년 3월 26일
    - 기간 중 24시간 시스템 접속 가능 (단, 마지막 날은 오후 5시까지만 가능)
  2. 시스템에 공인인증을 통해 주주 본인을 확인 후 의안 별 의결권행사 또는 전자위임장 수여
    - 주주확인용 공인인증서의 종류 : 증권거래전용 공인인증서, 또는 전자거래 범용 공인인증서

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