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The beginning of an advanced digital IoT era
JSC seeks endless opportunities for success and holds infinite potential to become a global leader

The growth of JSC’s core market – the IoT market has brought an increased demand for our main product: low-power memory for IoT.
The accelerated development/advancement of the IoT market has heightened the complexity of application devices. Unlike the PC-based DRAM (Dynamic RAM) of the past, the current market requires high capacity, large data processing semiconductor products with advanced dynamic circuit techniques that is applicable in smart city and untact-based products. JSC has continuously invested its assets to acquire cutting edge technology to provide optimal products that meet the demands of the constantly changing market.

JSC has expanded its product line from Low Power DRAM and Commodity DRAM to Flash products.
JSC has entered the DDR3 Commodity DRAM market alongside JSC’s main product, Low Power DRAM. Moreover, JSC has expanded its product line to include NAND Flash products such as SPI NAND Flash and eMMC – both used with DRAM products. JSC aims to become the leader of the new market by thoroughly preparing for the next generation memory technology.

JSC is actively responding to the new market – the 5G market.
5G is commercialized to occupy almost every part of our lives through smart manufacturing, digital healthcare, smart home/office products. Amidst the new IT devices poured into the market, JSC will become the forerunner within the 5G market with its leading technology. JSC has launched LPDDR4x MCP to respond to the 5G market while expanding within the 5G IoT market and its related market.

JSC is preparing a variety of products to respond to the rapidly growing Automotive market.
Along with the quality certification for automobiles (AEC-Q100), JSC is targeting the automotive memory market with a variety of products, PKG solutions, and test solutions. We seek to create valuable long-term relationships with our customers by providing quality technical support through our competent engineers to maximize the product lifetime. Moreover, we are targeting the automotive low-density market with a diversified product lineup.