Business Introduce

In the advanced digital mobile era which is spreading in front of you,
Jeju Semiconductor has infinite opportunities and possibilities for global leading companies.

Jeju semiconductor memory is used for mobile phones of the world's leading mobile phone makers.
The main products of the Jeju semiconductors such as portable RAM (CRAM), S RAM (SRAM), etc. are designed for mobile terminals such as mobile phones, which require low power consumption, high integration and high performance, We have been approved for its technical capabilities from mobile phone makers, and we are proceeding with product supply agreement whether we are supplying products to large-scale Nor Flash makers and cell phone Chipset makers.

Jeju Semiconductor possesses a specialized technical capability that can respond to any change in mobile products
In recent years, application equipment has been compounded in the rapid development of Mobile industry technology, and unlike past PC based DRAM (Dynamic RAM), these market environments are capable of processing data with various capacities and low power consumption We are looking for semiconductor products specialized in Mobile that are possible. Jeju Semiconductor has concentrated all the competence of the company so that it possesses technological capability that can respond to the needs of such market, and as a result, technology that enables sustainable growth in any market change We decided to hold power and products.

Jeju Semiconductor realizes a high value added industry by combining semiconductor design technology with outsourcing of production processes appropriately.
The main business of Jeju Semiconductor is the semiconductor Fab-less business for mobile, designing a diversified product group and outsourcing manufacturing process. By outsourcing, we can concentrate our efforts on product development by reducing fixed costs associated with large-scale capital investment, and incidentally carry out related business with high added value. Jeju Semiconductor's excellent engineers strictly supervise the relevant processes of contract manufacturing manufacturers in order to prevent problems related to quality and performance that may be caused by outsourcing in advance.

We will diversify our company and realize a stable sales structure and profitability.
We have established the New business Division in the dimension of business diversification, and we have been able to maintain mutually complementary relationships in sales structure and profit structure by coexistence of two projects.