JSC’s eMMC device is a highly integrated and low power eMMC controller specifically designed for embedded NAND flash applications. The JSC’s eMMC device provides high random-access speed, advanced flow control capability and more powerful power

Functional Diagram


● eMMC 5.1 Interface
: Boot, RPMB HS400, Field Firmware Update, Power Off Notification, Device Health Report etc.
● Enhanced Strobe feature
● Full backward compatibility with previous Multimedia Card system specification
● Error free memory access
● Write Leveling
● High reliability of MLC NAND
● Packages: 153-ball BGA (Small Package Available)
● Long-term support
Density Stack Type Vcc Option Package Type Part Number Status
4GB 1-stack MLC 3.3V eMMC 5.1 153B (11.5mm x 13 mm) JSMC04AUM1ASAEA-H5 M/P
8GB 1-stack MLC 3.3V eMMC 5.1 153B (11.5mm x 13 mm) JSMC08AUM1ASAEA-H5I M/P