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Armed with world-class competitiveness, Jeju Semiconductor has gained its prestige as a company specialized in memory chips.
Now, we focus more on mobile memory chips based on successful advancements.
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Unlike a DRAM requiring accumulated electric charge in capacitor, an SRAM consists of Flip-Flop circuits and two transistors only, hence no need for “Refreshment” and electricity for “Refreshment” process.

Therefore, an SDRAM eats up less electricity to retain data, an ideal quality for mobile phones. Since active diodes in SRAM memory cells allow fast data transfer, they can also be aptly used as cache memory for high-capacity, high-powered computers such as engineering workstations or super computers.

Technical reliability of our power-saving SRAMs has already been proven in many field tests by major clients. Jeju Semiconductor has a production system that can provide customers with complete line-up of 1M ~ 8M Low-Power SRAMs armed particularly with full CMOS process technology, which excels in low-power activation and saving electricity. We also adopt BGA, Ball Grid Array, method to our chips to shorten data transfer routes, cut down on power-consumption even further, increase transfer speed, and thus cater customer demands for lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller devices.

<Major Specification of Jeju Semiconductor SRAM>
- Process : Jeju Semiconductor SRAM Process (0.18um/0.15um)
- Density : 1M , 2M, 4M, 8M
- Power Supply(Vcc) : 2.7~3.3V
- Temperature : -40~85°C
- Cycle time : 55ns / 70ns
- Power Dissipation : Operation 20mA@70ns cycle, Standby 5uA(max.), 1uA(typ.)
- Functions : x8, x16 By Bonding Option, Dual CS & Single CS
- Package : 48 Pin FBGA / Wafer